Sunday 3PM, March 19, Willamette University’s Hudson Hall

Tickets will be available Sunday at the door from 2:15 to 3:00.

Salem Concert band presents its 24th annual concert “Sousa’s Musical World” on 3PM Sunday afternoon, March 19th, at Willamette University’s Hudson Hall. This years’ concert theme will be Sousa and the Musical Theater, a journey through the 100-year evolution of theater music in America, in which Sousa played a pivotal role.

Sousa’s concert programs were built around popular music from operas, operettas, and ballets of his day. Sousa himself composed many operettas and was also well acquainted with the music of other composers. He also had a sixth sense about theater music which could captivate his audiences, so he arranged these numbers for his band and performed them often.

The Salem Concert band will re-create theater music heard both in Sousa’s time — the late 19th and early 20th centuries — and also later in the 20th century, as operetta and dance involved into the Broadway Musical and greatly impacted development of Hollywood cinema.

From 19th century operettas, the program will feature Arthur Sullivan’s Pineapple Poll and Sousa’s The Glory of the Yankee Navy. Early cinema will be remembered with tunes from The Wizard of Oz and Hota Staccato (made famous by violin virtuoso Heifetz but here featuring the band’s trumpet section). A special reference to ancient Greek comedy will be Dello Joio’s modern stylings of Satiric Dances.

For a sampling of Broadway, the band will present Curtain Call by Wasson and Symphonic Dance Music from West Side Story by Bernstein. Shauna Purcell will be soloist in the haunting title theme of Gabriel’s Oboe from the 1956 movie The Mission. And a trilogy of themes from Star Wars will bring back the power and passion of that iconic cinematic series.

Of course, as was the practice of Sousa himself, the concert will also be sprinkled with Sousa marches and short musical delights. Co-conductors for Sousa and the Musical Theater will be Keith Weathers and Linfield College Director of Bands Joan Paddock.

Tickets are available here, or by phone: 503-362-0485