New York in the Hudson
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Johan De Meij celebrates the City of New York in his ‘Symphony No. 2, The Big Apple (A New York Symphony)’. The work is a tribute to Aaron Copland, John Adams and Leonard Bernstein. Enjoy the bustle and energy of the city in this dramatic work.

De Meij takes us to upstate New York in ‘Songs from the Catskills’. He explores the rich cultural mix of American, Irish and Scottish folk music in this suite of folk music from the Catskill Mountains.

John Williams wrote ‘American Journey’ for a multimedia event entitled ‘The American Millennium’. We bring you four movements transcribed from the orchestral work by Paul Lavender.

Musical Selections

Symphony No. 2, The Big Apple (A New York Symphony) by Johan De Meij:

  1. Skyline
  2. Interlude
  3. Gotham

Songs from the Catskills by Johan De Meij

American Journey by John Williams, arr. Paul Lavender

  1. Immigration and Building
  2. Popular Entertainment
  3. Civil Rights and the Women’s Movement
  4. Flight and Technology

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