3pm Sunday May 22 2016, Hudson Hall @ Willamette University

Salem Concert Band concludes our 2016 season with an international program that will take you to Australia, Shanghai, Africa and Spain.

The Roar of Kimbo by Spanish composer Ferrer Ferran was inspired by the cultures and myths in the region surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. Many of the residents in the area consider the mountain to be a living entity. This three-movement suite celebrates the magic, power and natural beauty of the region. The band will also perform Nelo El Sorlí, a Spanish march by Ferran.

Shanghai Sword Dance by Hardy Mertens was inspired by a poem by the same name by Penny Tan. Seonag Turner will join the band as our featured sword dancer. The poem describes the elemental powers of the sword. It begins:

“ The sword (Jian)

Captivating through the Elements of Nature (Wu Xing)

Fire (Juo), Water (Shui), Earth (Tu), Wood (Mu) and Metal (Jin)

Synchronizing the Heavenly Souls…”

Twist by Australian composer Jodie Blackshaw takes us on a musical journey on the Murray River. The six sections of the work take us from a Dreamtime encounter with ‘Tiddalick the Frog’ to a historical journey along the river. We’ll encounter Kookaburras in the outback, enjoy a sultry tango and a Tarantella, echoes of the cultures that lived on the river. This is a fascinating musical journey courtesy of one of Australia’s most innovative young composers.

Arachnophobia by Ralph Hultgren celebrates the fear of spiders with a four-minute romp. The instrumentation includes a harpsichord for this lighthearted selection. Hultgren taunts and tease us, musically depicting spiders of all shapes and sizes running, scattering and scurrying over chairs, across the floor and up the walls. What fun!

The concert will also include In Stillness by Brian Hogg, a reflective work to bring our focus and pulses back to normal, or perhaps better than normal.

Featured dancer: Seonag Turner

Seonag is a highly skilled, dedicated Pilates Instructor and Dance Teacher with 20 years quality experience in the industry and a background in professional dancing.

A well organized and highly respected individual, Seonag is passionate about her work and consistently brings a high level of artistic and technical integrity to both her dance and Pilates instructions.

She currently works as a High School Dance Director, in which she organizes, develops and produces performance events while also running a comprehensive private Pilates practice maintaining and developing excellent working relationships with a variety of clients, many of whom have attended her sessions for over ten years.

Some of her achievements include:

Adjudicator for OC Register’s Top Dance Artist of the year 2015, 2016
Sponsor of Ballet Classes for Orphan Girls in Tanzania
Orange County Music and Arts Administration: Outstanding Arts Educator Award 2012